Is Food Unwinnable for Startups? by Miguel Azevedo Peres

A recent article at  questions if Food is Unwinnable for Startups.

I believe we are on the verge of a global food revolution. Although some of the most well funded food tech startups are shutting down or reducing operations.

I think some of them just didn't realize how hard, working with food was going to be, and how much time it would take turning a profit.


In my opinion they're failing for 5 main reasons:

- They are in a hurry, 

- They don't know the market well enough,

- They threw the towel too soon, 

- And they tend to don't listen to the ones that were allready there : farmers, restaurants, retailers.

In this rush for disruption they forget that before them, the traditional food system players have made a lot of mistakes that, some times, could prevent them from failing.  

In this article, Jennifer Goggin points out 3 main challenges that food tech Startups will face:

- Food distribution Logistics,

- Customer acquisition,

- The slow speed needed to change the food system.

As Jennifer Goggin states:

The “move fast and break things” mantra doesn’t work in food."